Sun in Aquarius,

Moon in Leo
Cancer Rising
Born on a lunar eclipse

Based in Antwerp (Belgium)

I bring home a seashell from every new beach I go to. I find them back in pretty much every coat, side pocket or under my car seat.
Whenever a song gives me goosebumps, I can play it for weeks on end, on repeat.
I love the smell of sautéed onions because it reminds me of eating at my grandparents.
I only like the soft buttery inside of a croissant, couldn’t care less about the rest.
I cannot drink coffee out of an ugly mug.
I have a mayonnaise-phobia, legit.
One day, I’ll have a big garden with fruit trees and a flower field, where all my loved ones are welcome to my impromptu dinner parties.

Nectar Food + Studio was founded by Annelies Deleu (she/her).

Food and arts have always been her driving forces. She graduated with honors in Interactive Multimedia Design and obtained a master's degree in Business communication. After spending over 5 years in advertising and PR agencies, she felt she needed to focus on developing her mise en place. But she soon realized that both food and design were inherently intertwined in her life. Creating culinary and visual experiences is her purpose, and one she is deeply committed to.

She is trained in holistic nutrition, got a degree in Mastery of raw culinary arts at the Living Light Institute in Fort Bragg (California) and Raw Vegan Sports Nutrition at Plantlab. As a reiki practitioner, surfer (when the swell is gentle) and yogi, the holistic circle becomes whole.

She doesn't like labels, never have, never will. She will always try to make the best possible choice as she can, based on these three pillars: what is the best option for myself (physically, mentally and spiritually), what is the most sustainable option and what is the most compassionate option. That's why she aims to create a philosophy that is not based on judgment but on empowerment and inspiration.​

Want to hear her talk some more? She was kindly invited to the podcast of De Kobeshow and Heksen dragen sneakers.