As a holistic chef, I always say the following: "I don't feed people, I nourish them". From a plant based whole foods philosophy, I combine inspiring recipes and a solid knowledge about nutrition. I am trained in holistic nutrition, got a degree in Mastery of raw culinary arts at the Living Light Institute in Fort Bragg (California) and Raw Vegan Sports Nutrition at Plantlab. I am constantly learning more about it by reading, listening and connecting. As a reiki practitioner, surfer (when the swell is gentle) and yogi, the holistic circle becomes whole. I aim to inspire and empower with, through and about food. My recipes are highly seasonal, honouring the abundance of what nature has to offer. From indulging buffets to fine dining plates. I work together with local organic farmers to get my hands on the best produce.



Hi, I'm Annelies, always smiling and enjoying life in Antwerp. Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate- no scratch that- obsessed with food. I used to have a real sweet tooth, baking all sorts of cakes and cookies, but when I went vegetarian more than 10 years ago, the secrets of vegetables unraveled themselves. However, I don't like labels, never have, never will. I always try to make the best possible choice as I can, based on these three pillars: what is the best option for myself (physically, mentally and spiritually), what is the most sustainable option and what is the most compassionate option. That's why I aim to create a food philosophy that is not based on judgement but on empowerment and inspiration.

I combine elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Raw Food and fine dining cuisine with New Nordic and Japanse influences. Because why choose when you have all these different options?

When I'm cooking, quality goes over quantity. Good produce don't need much handeling. However, I love to experiment with techniques such as sprouting, fermenting, using less loved parts of a vegetable and so on. Fresh, seasonal and local with a touch of exotic flavours and a little edgy.

Nectar Food Studio has been featured in some national Belgian magazines like Flair, Nina and Libelle Lekker.


Recipe development + brand consultancy + food styling

Culinary Nutrition workshops 

Private chef and retreat chef

I develop plant based recipes for magazines, organic stores, blogs,... I always try to incorporate the holistic approached combined with the fine dining aspect. I'm sure we can work something out and cater to your vision or product.

If you are starting your own concept store, restaurant, coffee place or anything else, I'm here to do all your food styling, menu consultancy, branding and content creation (yes, from logo to menu!)


In search of someone who can cook, style and shoot your recipes in a beautiful setting? I can make sure the recipes for your book, magazines, website,... look mouthwatering and original.

From cooking with seaweed to sports nutrition to hormonal food; during my workshops I'll explain everything you need to know about a balanced (plant based) whole foods diet while cooking up some delicious food. I organise/host public and private workshops, lectures and tastings.

Some of the topics are: gut friendly food, adaptogens, food to balance your hormones, cooking with seaweed, sports nutrition,...

If you are organising a private event, dinner party, press launch, intimate wedding or family gathering, I'm happy to serve your guests some soulful plates.


If you are hosting a yoga retreat, surf retreat or any other mindful getaway - anywhere in the world-, I'm happy to provide all the guests with nourishing meals influenced by the season and retreat location.

Holistic chef

Culinary Nutrition Workshops

Creative food consultancy